Professional Tips: How to Make Makeup


Is the perfect make-up possible? The purpose of our make-up is to look flawless, yes, perfect make-up is possible. Using the right makeup materials, which are important when doing a perfect make-up, respectively, without jumping. Some important make-up materials – like some make-up to the next step without using the makeup will not look as ‘perfect’ as you want.

Let’s confess, when we are in a hurry we can save the day with only 3 make-up materials, but if the subject is a perfect make-up, you should put all the make-up materials on the table, and you should be pleasantly pleasant to the mirror. While you’re doing perfect make-up, keep reading to learn the steps we take.

Prepare your skin for makeup

If you move to the foundation of the foundation without making your skin ready for makeup, you reduce the permanence of the foundation. Make sure that your skin doesn’t shine during the day and that you don’t shine off your flaws.

Freshen up your face before with the Urban Decay Quick Fix spray. Quick Fix Spray, while preparing the face of the foundation of the foundation increases the makeup and make the look more natural. After the face gets a bit dry, apply Urban Decay Optical Illusion make-up base evenly across your face. This base, which creates a complete illusion in its skin, helps to hide its flaws, giving its skin a radiant glow.

Flawless skin appearance

If you want to make perfect skin makeup, we recommend you to use a foundation that will close all skin imperfections. Of course, while concealing the skin imperfections of the foundation, it should also look natural and thin. Urban Decay All Nighter The effect of foundation is now confirmed by everyone and we can use it in our perfect makeup.

To look perfect, you should not create a dense layer of foundation on your skin. On the contrary, you have to make your skin look like it was perfect. We strongly recommend the All Nighter Foundation, which is fine for this natural image, but is very effective at closing the flaw.

When it comes to the concealer, we recommend that you keep the concealer in the shape of an inverted triangle. Urban Decay All Nighter Bring the Concealer into custody and rub it into the eye with tiny make-up sponges. When applying the sealer, it should not spread too much, thinning towards the cheeks and reducing its density.

How to make perfect eye makeup?

For the perfect eye makeup, you must use the right products, respectively. The first thing you need to do is put some makeup on your eyelids. So your eye makeup will look clearer and lasting all day long.

Take a small amount of the Urban Decay Primer Potion headlight and distribute it thoroughly over the eyelid. This will make the headlight more durable and will make the headlights look more intense.

For perfect eye makeup, you should try the misty eye makeup without taking risks. You can make misty eye makeup using only 3-4 different colors. First, Urban Decay Born To Run Break Away the color of the eyelid on the entire eyelid to drive. Apply Baja color from the palette to the fold line of the eyelid and mix well to make it look natural. Bring the Blaze color right over the eyelid to make your eyes look lighter and clearer. Finally, you can make your eye makeup a little darker by applying Double Life color to the outside corners of your eyes.

In order for your eye makeup to come forward, you should meet with the right mascara. Apply Urban Decay Perversion mascara to your lashes with zig zag gestures and eye makeup ready!

Brighten and color your face

For the perfect make-up, you should not detach the bronzer and the illuminator. Urban Decay Sin Afterglow Find the most suitable color from the Illuminating Palette and apply it in a strip from the cheekbones to the hairs. You can distribute it a little to make the illuminator look more natural. There is no harm in applying the illuminator to the nose, the chin and the lip.

If you want to add color to your cheeks, you can use the blush on the Urban Decay Sin Afterglow Illuminating Palette to get your friends back with pink cheeks. Finally, remember to shape your skin without contours. Apply bronzer right below the cheekbones halfway down your face and dispense with a large bronzer brush.

A lipstick is not enough for perfect lips!

There is no ‘just a lipstick’ for perfect make-up. First of all, base your lips and make your lips to the makeup. Urban Decay Ultimate Ozone Multipurpose Lip Lip makes the lipstick look more permanent while moisturizing the lips. After applying the lip base, select your favorite Urban Decay Vice lipstick and apply it carefully.

To apply the perfect lipstick, you should first start from the center of your lip, then apply the lipstick to the lip edges. That’s it!


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