Practical Tips to Refresh Your Makeup


No matter where you are in the day, we are always telling you the tricks to make up your makeup with these makeup materials that you can carry easily!

Some days are much more intense than others and can pass through the hustle and bustle. Whether you’re wearing office make-up or daily make-up, if you’re having a long day, you may need to refresh your make-up at some moments. Here in this article, we will not take up much space in your bag and at the same time we will have suggestions to make you refresh your makeup in a practical way.

Separating the closure from the bag

You know how much work the shutter alone does. Renewing the make-up of the skin, the day to remove the eyeballs that appear because of the exhaustion of the day to close the closure will come to the rescue. Throw Maybelline New York’s Instant Anti Age Eraser Concealer into your bag and don’t think of the rest! Refresh your face with the little touches when you think that the makeup has lost its freshness during the day. This concealer is a complete savior because you can easily apply it with its sponge tip.

There’s nothing you can’t do with a powder

Tinted powders are one of the biggest savior of make-up. When you refill your makeup with your concealer, you can get help from the powder in your bag to increase its effect. Especially if you have oily skin, you should have a powder in your bag. During the day, you can use it in the glowing T region, apply it to the noses, even if the eye makeup is filled with lines, you can renew it with powder. Maybelline New York’s Fit Me! Matte + Poreless powder will be the most effective powder since it does not weight with its thin structure.

See your eyes energetically enlighten

With the fatigue of the day, you can grab the same energetic look in your makeup while you drink coffee in a row to collect the energy. You can look energetic and energetic with the illuminator you will apply to your eyes. Maybelline New York’s Master Drama Lightliner illuminating eye pencils are both very practical and very successful. You can light your eyes by applying the pen to eye flares, lower eyelash bottom and eyebrows.

Clarify the look with transparent eyebrow mascara

You know how much eyebrows change in makeup. The more distinctive, combed natural eyebrow look is one of the most practical steps you can make while refreshing your makeup during the day. Maybelline New York Brow Drama by scanning the eyebrows upwards with the transparent eyebrow mascara, you can make your expression clearer and look more energized.

There must be a lipstick to look without looking in the mirror

The lipstick renewal step can sometimes be challenging during the day. Sometimes, sometimes there are moments instead of renewing the remaining lipstick with a napkin to continue the day without lipstick. At this point, you’ll thank the presence of a lipstick in nudes, which you can easily drive without looking in the mirror. Maybelline New York’s Color Sensational lipsticks are extremely soft and easy to use, so you can refine your lipstick at any time during the day without the need for a mirror. Our nude color suggestion of every skin color and every makeup style, without exception, 745 Wooden Brown!

Brighten with illuminator

Mal What is the makeup material that you don’t take away from your purse? Ir If they ask, our illuminator will probably come first. It cannot be better than a few illuminating touches to throw all the intensity and fatigue out of us during the day. We have a stick illuminator that will make you instantly sparkle, apply easily with your fingers and look energetic: Maybelline New York Master Strobing Stick illuminator 200 You should try the medium color.


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