Practical Make-up Tips With Multifunction Makeup


Using makeup materials in more than one way is one of our greatest saviors on the way to practical makeup. Here in this article, we explain the multifunctional make-up materials and how to use them!

It is one of our favorite things to use make-up materials outside of their main duties. It is a great pleasure to turn our creativity into a multi-functional standard makeup material. Especially when we have to fit a minimum number of products in a small bag, at least our eyes don’t stay behind. So how do we do it? Here in this article, multi-functional makeup materials and how to use them are explained in full detail.

Multifunctional skin care oils

Skin care oils are our biggest supporters. Skin care oils that moisturize the skin with herbal ingredients and give a healthy glow, saves a lot of lives with its multifunctional make-up. LlendirOréal Paris’s Miraculous Oil is our favorite among these oils, which are great for using as make-up for a bright finish, moisturizing the make-up sponge, moisturizing the lip before liquid matte lipsticks. This oil is very good at foundation and the healthy image it gives to the skin is great.

Lipstick to use as blush

If you don’t have to carry a blush in your makeup bag, don’t worry about it, because you can use your lipstick as a blush. Lipsticks in these aspects of the multifunctional ranks of the highest ranking in the order of makeup, at the same time with only lipstick and mascara to make all the makeover does not excite people do you think?

You can get a natural blush effect by touching the pink, peach and nude tones matte lipsticks before applying them to the lip. L !Oréal Paris x Isabel Marant collection of the Color Riche Matte lipsticks La Seine Shadow or Bastille Whistle colors very suitable for use as a blush, you must try!

Makeup with a headlight palette!

If you have a headlight palette that hosts shades of coffee in your hand, the job is very easy! You can apply contours with matte and cold tones of coffee, and use warmer tones as bronzes. You can even use the color you use for the contours to fill your eyebrows! Should we give him another tip? You can also use the shining cream tones on the palette as an illuminator. Remedies never work out! Lancôme Hpynôse Palette head palette palette Taupe Au Naturel color is very practical to carry both in the bag and a full ore in the multi-functionality with natural coffee tones!

Eye makeup with fixing spray

Try applying the makeup fixing spray to the headlight brush to get the maximum shine from the metallic headlights! This method, which increases the pigmentation of glittering and metallic headlights, will also make the eye make-up very lasting. We love to use Urban Decay’s All Nighter make-up fixing spray with this multifunctional feature and you should try it.

Use gloss for wet eye makeup

We don’t need to tell you how popular the wet eye make-up is. So how can you achieve this view in a practical way? Of course using lip gloss at eye makeup! Amaze Lips & Cheeks Magic Gloss in L birOréal Paris’s Isabel Marant makeup collection is a self-styling makeup that can be used both as a lipstick and as a blush. And do you think it’s an ingenious idea to use wet eye makeup? We loved Duygu Özen’s eye makeup by using this method and we should try it immediately!

Farewell to your baby hair!

Imagine you’ve done a smooth skin makeup, you look great with smoky eyes and a perfect lipstick, but the sticky bun you’re doing is disillusioned by the baby hair coming out of the edges. Here we have a great suggestion, you can use your transparent eyebrow mascara to hide the baby hair that is electrified. L !Oréal Paris x Wanted Brow Polisher in Isabel Marant collection After having made your eyebrows clear with a transparent eyebrow mascara, you can also hide the baby hair on the temple by gently scanning it!


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