Makeup Tips for Beginners


If you’ve just started makeup and you have questions about which makeup materials to use, then this is for you!

You’re starting a new makeup? It doesn’t do so often, but if you want to have good make-up products under your hand, we’re on the look out for makeup ingredients that are extremely easy to use and will make you look great with little effort! Be sure to make a note of these product recommendations that will make you look natural without having to look like contours and baking that you’re afraid of, and that won’t let you make mistakes!

Foundation and concealer recommendation for a good complexion

If you don’t want to make an intense skin makeup, but want to equalize the skin tone and get a natural-looking look, then we offer you a great foundation: Maybelline New York’s Fit Me! Matte + Poreless foundation with its fine structure will look as if it doesn’t exist in the skin, it will hide the skin defects and destroy the pore appearance. This foundation, which is very easy to apply and distribute to the skin, will make your skin look matte and smooth. We suggest you try Maybelline New York’s Fit Me concealer to cover up small bruises, blemishes and bruises under the eyes. While its thin structure is natural, its coverage is great!

Natural and easy eye makeup proposal

Even if you are new to makeup, this doesn’t mean you’re going to put distance with eye makeup. If you want to lightly shine your eyes and make a natural eye makeup, we will offer you two great products. Especially for the pink eye make-up trend of this spring Maybelline New York The tones of pink in The City Kits palette will make it easy for you to wear on both day and night. Thanks to its pigment and soft headlights, eye makeup will be a piece of cake for you. Don’t worry, thanks to quick makeup techniques, you’ll be able to do the coolest eye makeup in a short time.

If you think you’ll feel more comfortable using the cream headlights Maybelline New York Color Tattoo cream headlights. You can use the Creme de Nude color to equalize the entire eyelid;

A suggestion that facilitates eyeliner

But if you say. I can never do that! El, the period is over. Thanks to the thin and curved tip of Maybelline New York’s Sensational Liner eyeliner, it is very easy to pull the eyeliner. With its pigmented structure and ease of application, you can make the lash line clear and watch the video? How to draw the easy eyeliner uygulama and gain experience for a flawless tail eyeliner!

Recommendation for bulky and light eyelashes

Mascara is one of the most important parts of makeup. Even if you’ve never done makeup, you can look very nice with a good mascara that you can apply to your eyelashes. For you to do this, Maybelline New York’s Total Temptation mascara. You can easily achieve the intense eyelash appearance you want by applying this mascara volume to the lashes, while the eyelashes will stay light like a feather!

Recommendation for natural and permanent eyebrow makeup

If you are bothering your eyebrows and looking for ways to make it natural, you have to offer a great eyebrow product: Maybelline New York’s Tattoo Brow, apply the eyebrow gel to your eyebrows and wait 20 minutes! When you peel the gel from the eyebrows you will have permanent and natural eyebrows that will last for a day, and the best part is that you will not have to renew it during the day! Another feature of this eyebrow gel is its lasting for up to 3 days. Imagine you need to do eyebrow make-up 1 time and not renew for 3 days, isn’t it? Don’t forget to check out our article to learn how to use the Maybelline New York Tattoo Brow eyebrow gel!

Blush and illuminator recommendation

If you want to give a little color to your face, but you do not know which blush to use, Maybelline New York Master Blush blush palette with a choice of 3 colors. According to that day mode, you can select one of 3 different blush tones in the palette. Although the blush in the palette may look like a powdery structure, it turns out to be a creamy softness that is very easy to disperse. Master Blush is also a bonus on the palette with the champagne toned enlightening! It is very practical to find both blush and illuminator together.

If you want to go a little further in the enlightening business, then we strongly recommend you to use the Maybelline New York Master Chrome illuminators. Molten Gold, Molten Rose Gold If you want to add a little more dimension to the tone, but you should try Master Holographic Opal illuminator! Especially for the upcoming festivals in spring!

Recommendation for Nude lip makeup

Nude tones of lipsticks are always risk-free but our choice for the beautiful appearance. Maybelline New York’s Color Sensational Creamy Matte lipsticks with 930 Nude Embrace color of matte nude lipsticks that should be in every makeup bag. A highly neutral nude tone, this lipstick suits every skin tone without exception. If you want to be a little bit more ambitious about lipstick, we suggest you the color of the Powder Matte 15 Smoky Taupe from the Color Sensational Powder Matte series. With both the powdery matte finish and the nude color of purple bottom, this lipstick is so fashionable!

Bonus: Red lipstick proposal!

Makieja is just beginning, but if you want a nice red lipstick in your makeup bag, we offer you a perfect red lipstick that will suit every skin tone: Maybelline New York 965 Siren in Scarlet from the Color Sensational Creamy Matte series. This eye-catching red lipstick is a complete joker, a color that you won’t give up for special occasions!


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